Timber Blinds Brown

Timber Venetian Blinds are specially designed for a modern and contemporary look. The richness of timber is perfect for both formal and leisure living space. It adds an ultimate stylish, elegance touch and brings the subtle feelings of warmth and aesthetic beauty of natural timber with the unique look to your windows and home decor.

Timber Venetian Blinds is manufactured from the finest quality Ramin Woods, unique ''Gonystylus Species'', which only available in tropical countries such as Malaysia. Every slat of Timber Venetian Blinds is guaranteed of a genuine timber, which inherent all the beauty and attractive grain variation of the natural product.
Special Features of Timber Venetian Blinds
  • A range of slat widths - 25mm, 35mm and 50mm to suit any window or door.
  • Unique Ramin Wood materials - Strong, durable and affordable.
  • Wide range of stain finishes - available in a range of designer colours from whites to dark timber tones to compliment and blend with your decor and home furniture elegantly.
  • Carefully formulated transparent and semi-transparent finishes have been developed to enhance and retain the unique grain and colour of the wood.
  • Only required minimum maintenance - dust can be easily brushed off using a clean, dry soft cloth, duster or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.
  • Ultimate light and privacy at your fingertips - flexible adjustment on the tilt control to ensure complete privacy and light control in the room.
  • Allow excellent ventilation and cooling effects with heating insulation to reduce internal temperature.
  • Colour co-ordinated components are available to give your blinds a complete classic elegance - ladders cord, lift cords, installation brackets, wooden wand, attachable pelmet, tassel, head rail and bottom rail.
  • Better child safety features.

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